We cater for all styles of hunting including hunting with rifle, bow, muzzle loader and handguns.

Temporary import/export permits will be needed for rifles and handguns and shotguns, but no permits are needed for muzzle loaders and bows.

For soft skinned plains game hunting any .30 caliber and/or bigger will do. Bring 40-60 rounds, that should be ample. Personally I like the Barnes TSX's the best, as well as Swift A-Frames and Nosler Partition bullets.

For dangerous game hunting a minimum of a .375 caliber will be required. Bring both solids and soft points (40 of each will be enough). For heavy thick skinned game (buffalo/elephant/hippo etc) solids are always the better option. For cats (lion/leopard) I prefer the Barnes TSX's, or a fast expanding soft (Nosler Partition/Swift A-frame) with good penetration/bullet weight retention.

Rules & Regulations for the import/export of firearms :

the applicant must be at least 21 years of age.
you are allowed to temporarily import/export only 2 firearms at one time.
you are allowed only 200 rounds per caliber.
you are not allowed to bring two rifles of the same caliber at one time.
no semi-automatic firearms allowed.
in the case of semi-automatic rifles/shotguns special clearance is needed.

After your booking/reservation is confirmed, then all the applicable documents will be forwarded to the client.

Fill in and sign as instructed, scan and e-mail to me a.s.a.p. and I will have your import/export permits pre-authorized FREE OF CHARGE. (This is a free service by the South African Police Service and I wish more outfitters would do this for their clients, instead of either charging an arm and a leg for it, or referring the client to a company who will do it at a premium!)

Below is a list of the 5 documents you will need to have an import/export permit pre-authorized:

1. A filled in and signed SAP520 (fill in section D, E1-25.4,G, I, J)
2. A copy of your passport
3. A copy of your flight ticket/itinerary
4. A letter of invitation from (me) the Outfitter
5. A copy of a stamped U.S Customs Declaration form 4457. Last but not least. This form you have to obtain at a customs office in the US. Without this form the SAPS will NOT release your firearm(s) !!

Click here for SAP520