OK, this is the part that you will see on no other website. This is the part where we leave all the formalities behind for a few minutes and simply talk a bit. You’ve done your homework, and you’ve been to a bunch of South African (or African) hunting websites, and by now you’ve seen all we have got to offer, but you are still wondering : “why should I go hunt with this guy?, what sets this outfit apart from all the other outfitters?” Well, good question. The fact of the matter is that most of the outfitters in SA that offer hunts for plains game and/or dangerous game, pretty much have the same to offer – the same kind of lodges, the same kind of accommodations and for the most part the same kind of game and trophy quality for more or less the same price (the latter I say tongue in cheek though). In my opinion good accommodations or good trophy quality by itself does not necessarily make you a good outfitter. What sets a good outfitter apart I think is the service...service before, during and after the hunt, and going the extra mile expecting nothing in return and attention to small detail that’ll make your hunt and trip the most memorable you’ve ever had. People ask me all the time: “why should I hunt with you?” My answer to all of them is that you ought to book a hunt with the person or outfitter that you feel most comfortable with. But feeling comfortable with someone still does not tell you whether he can hunt or not – this is where references come in really handy. In the testimonials section you can find out more about our outfit from our clients and friends that have hunted with us over the last few seasons. As far as I know all these folks are all too eager to share their stories, experiences and memories with you. Feel free to contact any of them with the contact info supplied by us.

Now about my outfit … we run a hunting outfit that has got great accommodations, serve great food, harvest great trophies week in and week out, year after year ! This is not a whack’em & stack’em outfit though as so many in SA are. We are picky when it comes to harvesting trophies in order to keep our trophy sizes big, just a part of managing our resources. Age is probably more important a factor in my choosing a trophy for a client than inches ! The fact that most of the older animals have good “inches” on them is a bonus. Hunting with me is not all about inches or where your trophy is going to place in the record book !

We do however try and get you the biggest and best trophy we possibly can, and conservatively 80%+ of the trophies we harvest do make the minimum for the record book and some score really high. We’ve even harvested a few Top10 trophies of various species – it is up to you as hunter though if you want them entered into the record books or not. What makes a hunt successful for me ? When a client rebooks with you by the time he’s got to head back home ! Then I know I have succeeded in giving someone a great hunt and great memories to go with it. We’ve been blessed with a big percentage of our clients being repeat customers ! Having met and hunted with someone, becoming friends over the time you spend with a person, getting to know him (or her) and their families, him getting to know you and your family (as this is a family orientated business), the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, trials and tribulations you go through whilst on your trophy quest – that is what it is all about. I have been blessed and have been very fortunate to make many good friends over the last ten years of hunting, and have shared many special moments with many a hunter. My quest is to make your dream come true. I am good at what I do, and I take pride in my work … and I would like to take you out on your next hunt !

Thanks for all the folks that have hunted with us over the last ten years. We’ve enjoyed your company and we’re thankful for having met you, and we’ve been blessed with your friendship and fellowship. Some of you have seen my young family grow over the last few years, and some of you yourselves have become almost like family, let alone friends. My family is what drives me, but I know we are all here by the Grace of God. Myself, my wife Chantel, our daughter Chané and our son Aiden hope to have you as a guest in our house and home (again) soon. To all the hunters out there - may you have the wind in your face and the sun on your back !!