As we are located in the southern Hemisphere exactly on the Tropic of Capricorn, out fall/autumn is in April/May, our winter is in June/July/Aug and spring in Sept/Oct and summer in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/March.

Our hunting season kicks off in March and wraps up in late October. In our fall/winter early mornings can be cold
(40-50 deg F) and the day time temperatures will usually be warm(ish) at 70-80 deg F. Rain is unusual for these months and days are generally sunny and cloudless.

Summer are generally hot with temperatures soaring to 110deg F at times. Average summer temperatures
are about 85 -90deg F Our "rainy" season is in our spring/summer (Oct-March).

The lodge will sleep 12 people comfortably in 6 rooms, each with their own bathroom.

We exhibit at hunting trade shows every year. Please come and visit us at any of the following events in 2017.

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