3 sets of comfortable hunting clothes (camo or darkish neutral earthy colors)      
Very important : bring the clothes that you hunt with in the US. A lot of the new clothes folks bring over are too light in color eg. Khaki and MAKE A LOT OF NOISE. Be sure to bring clothes that are not (too) noisy !!      
A warm jacket (mornings and evenings can be cold – 40-50 deg F, days 70-80 deg F)      
A pair of hunting boots (ankle high and must be worn in already)      
Comfortable footwear for in and around lodge      
4-6 pairs of hunting socks      
A hat (important not too light in color either)   Personal items such as medicine, shaving kits etc.
A sweater   Chap Stick
A pair of gloves, neck gators good idea for May-Aug   Rifle and ammo and cleaning accessories
Casual clothes for travel and wear before and after hunt   Bow and bow accessories – rangefinder recommended
Sunglasses   Soft gun or bow case
Sun protection lotion   Hunting bag or back pack
Insect repellant   Spare cash for extra animals, curios, tips and gratuities
Good binoculars and/or rangefinder   More spare cash for just in case (hahaha)
Small flashlight   Passport
A hunting or pocket knife   U.S. Customs Declaration form 4457 for rifle import/export
Digital and/or video cameras with ENOUGH batteries   Filled in SAP520 for rifle import/export
More spare batteries   Letter of invitation from the Outfitter