It is up to you as our valued client to decide whether you want your trophies to be mounted in South Africa or in the US. Our recommendation is that you have your consignment of trophies mounted here in South Africa (as logistically it is the least hassle to do so) but you are of course most welcome to have your consignment of raw trophy materials (hides & horns) shipped to the US, to have it mounted by your taxidermist of choice within the US.

Eulalie Hunting Safaris will take care of the field preparation (i.e. skinning, salting, cleaning of skulls) of your trophies as well as delivering it to taxidermist or shipping agent of your choice in South Africa. Highveld Taxidermists is our personal and recommended Taxidermist. We have been doing business with them for more than 20 years now, and in our opinion, they are the best in the business!

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